Suzuki an 400 burgman 2004


suzuki an 400 burgman 2004

Motoring across San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge at 70 mph I found myself repeating an already familiar phrase in my head: Remember, you're test.

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The Suzuki Burgman is an A2 licence friendly premium maxi scooter and is powered by a cc single cylinder engine which puts out 32bhp. It was updated in and It's powered by a liquid cooled cc single cylinder four stroke engine, producing 32bhp at 7,rpm and maximum torque at 6,rpm. Storage is good with room for a full face helmet under the seat. Type S special edition adds tinted sport windscreen, white dashboard and rear spoiler. Pop in your reg number, get a same day valuation from WeWantYourMotorbike and they'll buy your bike within 24 hours:.

In the AN was dropped, replaced by the European-legislation compliant for learner-license purposes UH However, the AN continued to be released in other countries. The UH prefix was used on this model due to a current model of non Burgman heritage still being produced. This is the AN and bears no resemblance nor lineage with the Burgman series. With a redesigned fairing package allowing for better lighting, more storage capacity and 1litre more fuel capacity, there was also the option for ABS on the AN and AN models. Burgman S became available, featured chrome handle bars, a lower sport like bike windshield, and white and red gauges.

My 4th drive belt has now done 36,kms - nearly twice that recommended by the OEM but shows very little signs of wear It can be an expensive bike to maintain, but if you can do the basics like belt, valve checks, oil changes etc. In the 8 years of ownership it has broken down 3 times, through all of my own doing!! Variator nut working loose, destroying both housing and drive cone, 2 times and the ignition switch burning out due to using bigger wattage head light bulbs than recommended.
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The bike bucks and wallows a bit under me as I catch a compression bump, but the grip holds. The execution is near perfect, I slingshot around my prey in a questionably legal pass and rejoin the lead group of riders. In fact it may actually do better, despite developing a mere 33 hp at the crank resulting in about 19hp at the rear wheel after being pumped through the Continuously Variable Transmission CVT and belt final drive. The low center of gravity, the CVT, the complete lack of clutch or even shifting, give the Burgman an ease of use and maneuverability at traffic speeds that many sportbikes would dream of. Which translates to the fact that with a proper amount of hooliganism the scooter might get there first.


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