Traction bar suzuki samurai

Grizzley Fab Traction Bar For Samurai

traction bar suzuki samurai

How To Make An Anti-Wrap Bar

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After experiencing a few slightly tweaked rear springs, and deciding to go with a softer CJ spring set up on my I began by looking at a few that are out on the market. Then I placed a call to Nick Sipes, owner and fabricator of Grizzley Fab off-road products to talk to him about his trac-bar. After telling him what I was after and discussing the price and install, I decided to give his trac-bar a go. We agreed to meet at his place and do the spring swap and trac-bar install in the same day so that everything could be measured correctly, and for ease of install. After a rather easy spring swap, we got the little Samurai back on all fours and took some measurements to get the angle of the new trac-bar just right. The Grizzley Fab trac-bar kit comes pre-assembled, pre-painted, or in the case of mine, unfinished because I wanted to paint it to mach my Samurai.

As anyone who has experienced it knows, soft-short springs and large tires usually equals disaster to the springs and driveline u-joints. One of the most successful ways to eliminate this problem is to add a traction bar which is designed to reduce or eliminate axle wrap. It worked miracles then, and now making the Samurai vehicle even more of an offroad performer. Installation of this new kit is a snap. Below are our installation instructions.

Check out the store. Im not trying to smash on sky. Thats refreshing. I ordered one monday. I'm gonna give it a go. I am used to all the "bolt on" stuff meaning "ask lots of questions on zuwharrie and modify as necessary".

Suzuki Suspension Components

With all the different options in suspension systems on the road today, many Zook owners have found it difficult to choose a ride that is strong enough for their brand of 'wheelin', yet is soft enough to be comfortable. When we installed the YJ springs on our white Zook, we thought it was perfect.





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