Candy cane rumble roses

Candy Cane (Rumble Roses) – Cosplay of the Day

candy cane rumble roses

Rumble Roses XX Humiliation Ryona (Candy Cane)

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If you were lucky enough to have played the quirky wresting game, Rumble Roses, then you'd know that the mix of hot women and ridiculous wrestling moves always equals a unique gaming experience. One of these brawling beauties was a wrestler named Candy Cane, who is today's Cosplay of the Day. Candy Cane was the schoolgirl outfit-wearing leader of an all-girl punk band called The Killer Barbies who entered the ring to win money for the orphanage she called home. Candy has a cheerleader alter ego named Becky, whose cheer abilities fuel her wrestling moves. Hey, we might not be able to fathom how this girl's mind works, but it makes for one cool character bio.

Here Comes the Pain. The Rumble Roses game featured only female wrestling characters, each with both a good Face and bad Heel persona for players to choose from; the only limitation was that the good and bad version of the same character could not fight each other. The game featured 11 playable characters, each with two versions of the same character. The game received only lukewarm reviews, with most commending it for its graphics but being less impressed with the audio quality, game play and storyline. Rumble Roses features an all female cast.

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Rumble Roses XX - Candy Cane Lethal Move (Blabber Girl)

RUMBLE ROSES Candy Cane(Costume B) CPU #001

Candy Cane

When entering, her name is followed by the subtitle "No Future". Her Japanese voice actress is Hitomi Nabatame. She was dubbed by Peggy Woo in the first game, with Kate Higgins voicing her in the sequel. Silvia Garcia Pintos ' voice from "Have Some Fun" was used as her singing voice in the first game, while her singing voice in the second game was provided by an uncredited vocalist. I've come a long way since that time But it's the only place that ever mattered to me. Now it's broke and about to be closed down.

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In , Konami decided to put a foot in a genre that is rarely touched by video game companies, the wrestling genre well, at least outside Japan which in the last years was in the hands of THQ , the holder of the WWE license. However, to the surprise of many, Konami announced that this game would feature an all female cast this may have been related to the announcement of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball around that time. The end result was a big fanservice extravaganza, with 10 ladies each with her own face and a heel persona wearing quite revealing outfits, appealing to various fetishes. Aside from these regular in-ring costumes, they would also wear swimsuits for beach-side mud wrestling matches. Fanservice aside, Rumble Roses actually has good gameplay and nice graphics. The story modes for each wrestler persona are also notable in a B-movie way. But let's go into a little more detail.

This time I'm coming back with Rumble Roses. A game dedicated only to women.




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