Bombolo e tomas milian film

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bombolo e tomas milian film

il trucido e lo sbirro (film completo)

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Mario Amendola Bruno Corbucci. Italian German. Despite sharing the poster with Milian, Bombolo appears just in the first 30 minutes and he is not a protagonist. Some of the more memorable jokes of the series are told in this film. Also noteworthy the jazz-funk played as a soundtrack.

Still difficult for an investigation commissioner Nico Giraldi, this time struggling with a gang who commits theft in luxury apartments in Rome. As: Thomas Accardo When the godson of San Franciscos crime lord asks permission to leave "the business," Don Antonio agrees, but reluctantly. Such behavior by either one is a violation of the code, and a bloody mob war breaks out. Tomas milian e bombolo film gratis - pes jelen super liga download. Met o.

Franco Lechner , best known as Bombolo 22 May — 21 August , was an Italian character actor and comedian. Born in Rome into a humble family, a former peddler of dishes, Lechner was discovered in a tavern by Franco Castellacci and Pierfrancesco Pingitore, who entered him in their cabaret company "Il Bagaglino". He got a large popularity in cinema as the sidekick of Tomas Milian in a successful series of half-serious poliziottesco films directed by Bruno Corbucci. He was also partner of Enzo Cannavale in a number of comedy films. He died at age 56 as a result of complications following a major surgical operation. Decades later, his characteristic slang, and particularly his distinctive "tze tze", remain popular among the younger generations.

Main Details. List Gallery Table. Cop in Drag Delitto al Blue Gay, internationally released as Cop in Drag, is a Italian "poliziottesco"-comedy film directed by Bruno Corbucci. It is the eleventh Director: Bruno Corbucci.

Tomas Milian: Not only spectators have big screen heroes

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Bombolo e Tomas Milian Conteggio schiaffi

To escape quicker from the police, not for advertising purposes. On the other hand, the introverted Milian wanted to run away, but from himself. Recently, Empire magazine published an article on the biggest characters ever in the movies. And I came across one that deserves a special mention: Er Monnezza. It was back in that Tomas Milian, by then one of the leading talents of Italian and European cinema, came across this figure, in the script of Free Hand for a Tough Cop Il trucido e lo sbirro. Milian, known for being a great pain in the ass, who many only put up with since his films were usually box-office hits — and was talented as few -, had to make some changes…. With a big wig, bearded and mustached, I ended up disappearing, cinematographically speaking.



Franco Lechner, best known as Bombolo (– 21 August ), was an Italian He got a large popularity in cinema as the sidekick of Tomas Milian in a successful series of half-serious poliziottesco films directed by Bruno Corbucci .
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