A cake bakes in brooklyn

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a cake bakes in brooklyn

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I made the cake for my mom's birthday and it was great!! It seemed actually much easier to make and tasted a lot better than the other recipe I had. Thanks so much for posting. Melanie W. Melanie -- So glad you made it.

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The Best Red Velvet Cake in the World. After many requests.
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Top Cake Blog. Wednesday, December 5, California Coffee Roll. California Coffee Roll, a strange recipe indeed, yields a sort-of cheese danish, with a pleasing lemon flavor. It's very easy and delicious. But did I say strange?

A Cake Bakes in Brooklyn

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The end of summer always seems to be a time when I lose my recipe muse, albeit briefly. Times like this are why I have my ever-growing list of blog inspiration. And I am, thank goodness. I think we can all agree that the unofficial last week of summer deserves some quality baked goods. Make no mistake: these Pineapple Kolaches are quality.

Hi Susan, do you use Sugar like, castor sugar or powdered sugar for the frosting? I guess it makes a difference in volume if you use one or the other The frosting recipe reminds me of german ''Buttercreme'', which is made of a custard like pudding from a bag from the store, it contains starch and often flavour, cooked with milk , then butter is added. Thank you for the recipe and best wishes, Ulrike. Hi Ulrike -- I use cane sugar, which I think is the same as caster sugar. I often use confectioner's sugar in frosting, but only when the recipe specifies it. I've not heard of German Buttercreme, but it sounds like the same technique.

Ovaltine was such a favorite when I was a kid! I really wish I had some in my pantry right now - I would make this cake and relive my childhood love of Ovaltine. Dawn, be warned that Ovaltine has changed its formula, at least according to my husband who fixed himself a glass and it wasn't at all as he imagined it. He keeps going on about some crystals that he remembers and that weren't in the modern day batch. And he seriously wants me to find some c.

Top Cake Blog. Saturday, October 29, Cranberry Date Bars. Labels: cranberry date bars , cranberry recipe , date recipe , orange glaze , vintage dessert. Labels: cranberry bread , cranberry fruit-nut bread , Thanksgiving recipe , vintage Amish recipe , vintage recipe. Sunday, October 16, Coconut Washboards.






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    Place in a F oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. . This recipe is from Grace Johnson, a Park Slope, Brooklyn, resident, whose wonderful s handwritten.

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