Augmented reality t shirt


augmented reality t shirt

We tried out Octagon Studio’s 4D+ series of AR apps, which inject a lot of fun into educational tools. Octagon demonstrated its Wear 4D+ app, which instead of using flashcards or product packaging as the catalyst for its AR visions, uses your t-shirt. Images of dinosaurs — the.

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The Virtuali-Tee takes Science to a new dimension enabling you to learn about the human body With beautifully designed augmented reality and amazing 3D learning experiences you can explore the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems with fully immersive video. Simply download the free app, put on your Virtuali-Tee, scan the tee and tap anywhere on the screen to peel back the layers of the body. The app even works in selfie mode. It is soft, durable and machine washable.

These fantastic printed t-shirts aim to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. Super exciting stuff! Augmented Reality allows you to point any mobile smartphone or tablet at a target in this case, a printed t-shirt and instantly be rewarded with a unique experience on your device. The trigger is basically the image that the camera your iPhone, for example recognises to launch the AR experience. Zappar are a Scottish design team that have taken the US by storm with a revolutionary new 3D t-shirt. The tiny firm then went on to sign a deal with US supermarket giants Walmart. In June last year, Asda became the first UK retailer to carry a range of their t-shirts.

We get a lot of requests for Augmented Reality t-shirts. From trade shows to concerts, marketers are looking to Augmented Reality t-shirts to engage and communicate with customers. Here are a few examples showing the emerging popularity of Augmented Reality t-shirt campaigns. NewVoiceMedia brought an Augmented Reality experience, and 10, Augmented Reality t-shirts, to Dreamforce that attendees stood in line to get their hands on. Brand ambassadors gave out free Augmented Reality t-shirts that launched 5 Augmented Reality experiences. The experiences range from revealing an interactive alien to growing an animated, customizable Dreamforce logo.

Previous Next 1 of 4 Close Virtual reality may be hogging all the attention at the moment, but augmented reality still has its place, and there are a growing number of apps out there that are making the most of this established, and ever-improving technology. This is what augmented reality should be like; great-looking, grin-inducing fun. The dinos came out of the shirt, wandered about, and even interacted with other AR dinos if they happened to be nearby. The animation looked cool, the app worked each time it was demoed to me and others, and best of all, it made us smile. You can view 10 different cards at one time, and each image can be zoomed in on, rotated, and closely examined. Using the apps with flashcards will never be quite as cool as seeing a t-shirt come alive, but they still have the same smooth animation and strong performance.

We tried on an augmented reality dinosaur t-shirt, and it was awesome

Zappar Augmented Reality Royal Wedding T-shirt By Philip Normal Unboxing

All of this on a free app, available for IOS and Android, and in 11 different languages. Simply download the free app, put on your Virtuali-Tee, scan the tee and tap anywhere on the screen to peel back the layers of the body.
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Zappar and Hybrid Apparel are mixing it up with a new line of interactive T-shirts that contain games, animations, and other effects through AR. Need to spruce up your wardrobe? When that "Bazinga! Augmented-reality app specialist Zappar and private-label clothier Hybrid Apparel today announced a line of 20 T-shirts with Threadless -esque designs that come to life through AR. In the video below, we see an example of augmented-reality fashion via a T-shirt named "Mars Attacks. Not bad. While some designs seem amusing, quite a few leave me wondering what the point of AR clothing is.



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