Lingue e letterature moderne tor vergata

Lingua Inglese 3 - 2017-2018 - Laurea triennale

lingue e letterature moderne tor vergata

lingue e letterature moderne Tor Vergata. 4 likes. College & University.

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Programma del Mod. Maier; 2 contenuti prodotti dagli utenti fanvids , prof. Moschini; 3 blog, prof. Adami, 4 interazioni video, prof. Sindoni e 5 pagine web di presentazione aziendale, prof.

International curriculum of Corso di laurea Magistrale in Scienze della Storia e del documento. The M. It is a two-year international programme with a focus on European history in comparative and global perspective, offered by a consortium of 10 universities in 9 European capitals. This is the first MA programme in history to bring together a truly multinational, Europe-wide collaboration of high-profile partner universities:. The programme focuses on historical processes and comparative analysis of European history. It will help students to develop their ability to understand historical problems in a comparative framework by using primary sources and foreign languages. English is the language of instruction and will be accepted at all partner universities, but they offer also lessons and seminars in other languages e.

Virginia Pellegrini, "Tor Vergata" University of Rome, Dipartimento Di Studi "Tor Vergata" University of Rome, Lingue e Letterature Moderne, Graduate Student.
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This Degree follows a tradition of humanistic studies that cannot be separated from foreign language teaching tailored to the needs of contemporary society. The course aims at providing students with in-depth linguistic knowledge through methods which are constantly updated according to new trends in Language Education. This is useful for their future employment within international bodies and institutions, for linguistic mediation and teaching. This curriculum insists on the idea of language skills closely related to literary knowledge. This means that the acquisition of foreign languages is integrated with the history, culture and theory of the language itself, with the analysis of its varieties in different literary and geographical contexts and with its use on a communicative level. Training objectives include: achieving solid cultural preparation in Humanities; good oral and written command of two foreign languages and decent skills in a third language; solid knowledge of the literary and cultural landscape of the studied foreign languages; adequate competence of Italian Linguistics, language and literature; good operational skills in Information Technology and electronic communication, with reference to their possible applications in Humanities.

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