Lady gaga youtube awards

Lady Gaga's Outfit And The Other Weirdest Moments At The YouTube Music Awards

lady gaga youtube awards

Lady Gaga Performs ‘Poker Face’ / ‘Paparazzi’ (2009) - VMAs

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Despite 60 million people voting for who they thought should win, a peak of just , people tuned in to the live-streamed show, according to the LA Times. When Lady Gaga gave a tearful performance of her new song "Dope" — attacked by the newspaper for being "deeply strange and out-of-tune" — more than 4, viewers left the stream. The singer arrived at the ceremony in New York wearing a set of false, decaying teeth, dark sunglasses and her trademark platform boots. The aim of the show, which boasted Spike Jonze as creative director, was to recreate the spontaneous and carefree spirit of the videos people post online. But Variety said the ceremony "wasn't broadcast-quality in any sense", adding: "It was marred by video and sound snafus and the show's hosts looked adrift as they tried to wing it without scripts. Actor Jason Schwartzman, who hosted the show with Reggie Watts, said: "I cannot reiterate how we had no idea what was going to happen, ever. All we had on the cards were the next award.

Forgot your password? I might know the answer but I want some clarification and backstory. What happened surrounding this performance? Like what was going on. Monsters talk about it but I'm not fully in the loop. That was the night she parted ways with Troy Carter, her old manager, we don't know the exact circumstances but he didn't treat her too well.

Lady Gaga arrived wearing this. But the awards were sort of beside the point as Jonze and others directed live videos with Eminem, Gaga, M. Eminem was named artist of the year before performing a word-perfect version of his new lung-busting tour de force "Rap God," filmed in black and white. Actress Gina Gerwig kicked the awards off as the protagonist of a live video of Arcade Fire's "Afterlife," directed by Jonze. Gerwig appears to break up with her boyfriend, then expresses the emotions she's feeling in an interpretive dance that moves from apartment to forest to soundstage with a little visual trickery. A short while later Schwartzman and Watts admitted they would be working the minute show without a script — with just notecards standing between them and awkward pauses and brief technical difficulties.

By Michael Hechtman. Lady Gaga dissolved in tears Sunday night as she performed at the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, streamed live online from Manhattan. The always unpredictable star ditched her normally wacky attire for an outfit that looked as if she had dressed as Kurt Cobain for Halloween. The show, which Webcast from Pier 36 on the East River, received lukewarm interest. After about an hour, viewership had plummeted from its peak of , to about ,, the paper said. The kids, probably taking their cue from Lady Gaga, cried as Schwartzman and White tried to interview rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis.

The year-old singer arrived at the New York City event wearing a pair of scary grillz and a black Fedora hat as she geared herself up for a performance of her new single 'Dope. She teamed the bizarre accessory with a black black leather shirt and not much else, which gave the audience a good look at her slender pins. Gaga completed her look with her favourite black PVC platform boots and sunglasses as she posed for photographers. The grillz are the exact teeth that Gaga sports in the artwork for her new track 'Dope' so it's no surprise that she decided to wear them to perform the song. The singer is gearing herself up for the launch of her new album 'ARTPOP' next week, and recently spoke to O2 about the meaning behind the record's title. So the intention of the album was to put art culture into pop music, a reverse of Warhol.

For the first time in a decade, Lady Gaga fans are finally able to watch an official recording of her memorable performance at the Video Music Awards. The opera-inspired mashup of "Poker Face" and "Paparazzi" — which featured gothic costumes and gory effects, including fake blood pouring down Gaga's body — was posted on MTV's YouTube this week, apparently to drum up anticipation for the VMAs on Monday. MTV also included Gaga's performance in its recent countdown of the top 10 "mic drop performances," ranking the "Mother Monster" at No. Though fans clearly haven't forgotten Gaga's jaw-dropping performance, Billboard noted that her "breakout moment" was overshadowed that year by Kanye West jumping onstage to interrupt Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for best female video. Read more: 19 stars whose looks dramatically evolved as they became mega-famous. Now that MTV has rereleased the official footage of the performance, Gaga fans are capitalizing on the nostalgia and renewed publicity to stake its claim as one of the best VMAs performances of all time.

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