I più grandi chef italiani

2019 Global Celebrations

i più grandi chef italiani

Gli chef italiani stellati raccontano i nostri cibi peggio imitati all'etero

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At the University of Georgia. That's where those tops, spandex capri pants and anything else with ventilated mesh cutouts are meant for: the gym. And maybe quick errands to and from the gym. The stock has gained School buses full of kids shrieked out windows.

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Three swing concerts taking place in a row, as follows: concert at the craziest train of the world; in the pedestrian street of Shkodra, New Orleans Jazz-Style; at the theatre. The International Jazz Day will be celebrated in a conference with the participation of Jazz musicians and managers of several festivals from the Balkans, Israel, Italy, Switzerland etc. Although it is already present in Algeria, Jazz remain a type of music that the Algerian youth are still discovering among others. By becoming partner of Jazz Day, our ambition is to give a real dimension to jazz with a date and a place to bring together fans as well as curious music-lovers. In a pub called La Fada Ignorant we will reunite a group of musicians, professionals and students to play a concrete number of standards.

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