Semifreddo ricotta e amaretti

Italian Dessert Recipes

semifreddo ricotta e amaretti

Mandorlata con Ricotta e Amaretti!

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Lavate le albicocche, asciugatele, snocciolatele e tagliatele a pezzettini. Ponetele in una casseruola con lo zucchero e il succo di limone e lasciatele riposare per circa ore. Una volta pronta, versatela nei vasetti sterilizzati, chiudeteli subito e capovolgeteli. Lasciate raffreddare completamente la marmellata, rigirate i vasetti e lasciatela riposare fino al momento di servire. In un altro recipiente, rompete le uova e sbattetele con una frusta elettrica o a mano, a seconda delle vostre preferenze.

If we ever want to give her a special treat, hard torrone is an obvious choice. Years ago it was pretty much impossible to find in Australia, all you could find was the soft version. It was somewhat of a disappointment to bite into the torrone and find out that you had a soft one rather than the hard variety. To me it is like first trying Dutch liquorice and finding out it was salty when I expected it to be sweet. I have never tried to make torrone — some recipes saying it takes up to 12 hours to make the hard variety and others say 3 hours. So I have never been game to try.

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As well as the sugar-laden but completely delicious treats, there are also a whole host of healthy Italian dessert recipes you can enjoy, including gelatina di frutta e vino dolce summer berries in a sweet wine jelly , pesche grigliate con salsa di cioccolato , grilled vanilla peaches with butterscotch sauce and the perennial favourite Italian dessert recipe, fresh lemon sorbet! Time to start cooking! This is my Italian version of bread and butter pudding, served with char-grilled fruits and sweetened ricotta cheese. In Italy the ricotta is very creamy and rich, and I just added honey to sweeten it, but in Britain you might like to add a few drops of vanilla extract to give depth of flavour. The Aperol Spritz, sometimes called the Spritz Veneziano, is a refreshing orange cocktail made from Aperol and prosecco. For an added twist, place a scoop of sorbet into a Raspberries are equally delicious with

Amaretti and Chocolate Chip Semifreddo. This recipe is also delicious using torrone candy instead of the amaretti cookies. The torrone has to be the rock-hard kind, since it needs to get crushed in the food processor to small bits. The soft torrone that's sold in small packages and seen everywhere at Christmas won't work for this. I was all set to make this semifreddo with hard torrone I had bought a few months ago when I realized that the package had softened with the summer's heat and humidity. Thus, amaretti and chocolate chip semifreddo was born.

Semifreddo al torrone e amaretti (semifreddo with nougat and amaretti)

I am traveling back to Italy shortly for a few private tours , as well as our Bike the Amarone Wine Roads tour , and we will be spending a few days near Verona., Pages Home About Contact Copyright.


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