How to make a video installation

Video Art Today - Where Are We Now?

how to make a video installation

How to Create Setup Installation File in Visual Studio

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In the final workshop of this series, we will learn how to detect user presence and interaction. We'll use a webcam as an input to trigger events, and explore a number of different techniques that allow your project to "see" people around them and respond accordingly. This workshop series is divided into three sections. Attendants are free to join at any point in the series, or partake in all three. All three workshops will have interdependent concepts, yet will each focus on a specific techniques used in creating interactive installation art. Concepts from the second workshop in this series Introduction to Interactive Audio are an asset.

One way to look at how the world has changed through years and centuries and millenniums is to look at how art looked like in those periods. First, for good several thousands of years or so, there were cave paintings , where first artists that the planet Earth has ever seen drew products of their imagination, their wishes and their surroundings. Then, the world has changed, and the artworks have changed as well. Yet, during 19th and especially 20th century, the world has changed rapidly — again. Sure, paintings have retained their primacy as the most common and most popular form of artistic expression.

Creating Interactive Art Installations, Part 3: Interactive Video. IN THIS SESSION: In the final workshop of this series, we will learn how to detect user presence.
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Video art is an art form which relies on using video technology as a visual and audio medium. Video art emerged during the late s as new consumer video technology such as video tape recorders became available outside corporate broadcasting. Video art can take many forms: recordings that are broadcast ; installations viewed in galleries or museums; works streamed online, distributed as video tapes , or DVDs ; and performances which may incorporate one or more television sets , video monitors , and projections, displaying live or recorded images and sounds. Video art is named for the original analog video tape , which was the most commonly used recording technology in much of the form history into the s. With the advent of digital recording equipment, many artists began to explore digital technology as a new way of expression.

Creating Interactive Art Installations, Part 3: Interactive Video

Video installation

Video installation is a contemporary art form that combines video technology with installation art , making use of all aspects of the surrounding environment to affect the audience. Tracing its origins to the birth of video art in the s, it has increased in popularity as digital video production technology has become more readily accessible. Today, video installation is ubiquitous and visible in a range of environments—from galleries and museums to an expanded field that includes site-specific work in urban or industrial landscapes. Popular formats include monitor work, projection, and performance. The only requirements are electricity and darkness. One of the main strategies used by video-installation artists is the incorporation of the space as a key element in the narrative structure. This way, the well-known linear cinematic narrative is spread throughout the space creating an immersive ambient.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Matrasses and Tunnels: - 3x 1. Matrasses: Take your 1,70m fabric and sew 1 short side and 1 long side. If its correct, the other long side is allready closed by the fold of it.

Video Installation





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