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capra alba de banat

Romania's other type is the Banat White dairy goat (Rasa de Banat, Alba de including the West Caucasian tur (Capra caucasica), the Dagestanian Capra.

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Grasslands, gorges, subterranean caves, volcanic lakes, and extensive river network add to the richness of the park system that also includes the Danube Delta , a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Europe's largest wetland. For more information about danube Delta please visit www. Romania's diverse natural landscapes offer numerous choices for exciting outdoor experiences. Travelers can walk through serene alpine meadows covered with scores of wildflowers, trek around glacial lakes, take in the lush-green scenery while horse riding or mountain biking, climb curious rock formations, photograph fossil traces of 15,year old cave-bear species, track gold eagles or other rare birds, study endangered flora, wander in the countryside, picnic in the fields, try your hand at traditional crafts, - or just relax in the home of a village family and sample wholesome, country fare with home made wine and plum brandy. The Oas — Harghita range in the Carpathian Mountains is the longest volcanic mountain chain in Europe. The year old Scarisoara glacier, located in the Bihor Mountains — 90 miles southwest of Cluj Napoca - has a volume of 2,, cubic feet 75, cubic metres , making it the second largest European underground glacier, after the Eisriesenwelt ice cave in Austria. Adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts who hear the call of the wild can add these unique experiences to the top of their activities list:.

Travel Guide Romania. Mountain biking through the village of Ponoara — Padurea Craiului. Ski touring in the Carpathian Mountains — Oslea ridge. All Salt mines Ski resorts Treks in nature. Domogled — Valea Cernei National Park, diversity and splendour. Going by train from Oravita to Anina, on the oldest mountain…. Danube Cauldrons — the most spectacular part in the Danube….

Travel Guide Romania. Mountain biking through the village of Ponoara — Padurea Craiului. Ski touring in the Carpathian Mountains — Oslea ridge. All Salt mines Ski resorts Treks in nature. Domogled — Valea Cernei National Park, diversity and splendour.

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Carpathians begin north of Bratislava in Slovakia and go to the Timok river in Serbia, as an extension of the Alps. The geologically young Carpathian Mountains, which are part of the main European mountainous chain link the Alps with the Balkans. The Carpathian area represents the unique composition of ecosystems with an exceptionally high biological diversity. Relatively small population densities, difficult access to many mountain ranges and a considerable number of large forests have allowed a rich and diverse flora and fauna to exist in the Carpathians. As a result of far reaching transformations of the natural environment in Central Europe, the Carpathians have remained either the only or the most important refuge for many plant and animal species, playing a significant role in the preservation of biological diversity in Europe. Once widespread across Europe, wild European bisons were driven to extinction in the early 20th century by hunting and habitat loss.

There are many places in Romania worth visiting this season, such as the high-altitude roads that offer spectacular views or the old Dacian capital surrounded by a dense forest dressed in vivid colors in this period. In Romania, two high-altitude roads that offer spectacular views and are very popular among both tourists and locals cross the Carptahians, namely the well-known Transfagarasan road and the highest road in Romania — Transalpina. Transfagarasan DN7C road is by far the most popular high-altitude road in Romania, but driving on it is always an experience worth trying. And the autumn colors really make it worth the trip! It climbs to an altitude of 2, metres, which makes it the second-highest mountain road in Romania, after Transalpina. The road starts near the village of Bascov, in Arges county, and takes drivers between the highest peaks in Romania, Moldoveanu and Negoiu, on a route full of twists and turns that make drivers enjoy every minute of their trip. An important thing to remember is that the road is usually closed from late October until late June because of the snow and bad weather.

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Rasa Baltata romaneasca a fost declarata in anul , dupa o lunga perioada de absorbtie a trasaturilor din rasa Simmental din care au rezultat trasaturi noi. Incepand din anul , rasa Baltata romaneasca a rezultat in urma unei lungi incrucisari dintre Sura de stepa transilvaneana si taurul Simmental importat din Evetia, Austria, Germania, Cehia si Slovacia. Zonele in care s-a efectuat incrucisarea celor doua rase au fost: Banat, Transilvania si Bucovina. In zilele noastre, rasa Baltata romaneasca este cea mai numeroasa in Romania, din punct de vedere al exemplarelor. Primele asociatii de reproductie au fost fondate in anul , controlul productiei de lapte a fost introdus in anul Intre anii , de junici si 60 de tauri din rasa Simmental au fost importati.

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