Harman kardon gps 500

Harman Kardon GPS-500

harman kardon gps 500

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You can play music while navigating, but not watch a movie. Product Web site. Buy this at Amazon. Driving directions and options are pretty standard, offering things like points of interest, searching and allowing you to pre-program your home address. Navigation and the GPS signals were pretty good, it never really led us astray too much. One odd thing — the system broke up major highways into different sections instead of one big road.

Why carry two things when one thing does the work of both? I tested a shipping version of the device, and when I started its navigation app for the first time, its built-in Centrality Atlas II GPS receiver took more than a minute to find and display my location. On several subsequent cold starts the unit took just as long to acquire enough GPS signals to orient itself. Once it locked onto the signals, however, it followed my progress along the route without lagging, and it recalculated the correct directions in just a few seconds whenever I departed from the prescribed course. You can view a list of the turns in a programmed route, choose to avoid specific segments of a route, and skip or add waypoints in midtrip.

As with most early notifications, not too many specifics are known about this device yet. The one difference we do know about is that the will not incorporate a video player.
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Harman Kardon GPS navigation devices guide drivers to their destination by providing the fastest and most accurate route available. Many models of Harman Kardon GPS devices have updates available that add new features, fix issues or improve general functionality. You can download these updates from the Harman Kardon website, then apply them to your GPS device using a brief installation process. Go to the Harman Kardon website see Resources , then click "Support. Click on "Product Updates" under "Support Resources," if this option is available to you. Not all GPS models have updates available.

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Its headphone jack also enables it to be used as a portable video player. With a destination programmed, the GPS plots a route quickly courtesy of a duo-core Atlas 2 processor. In a very cool feature, the navigation system zooms in at intersections, giving drivers a close-up view in order to avoid going wrong at complex junctions. Navigation features include a points-of-interest database and spoken turn-by-turn voice guidance. The GPS can be mounted on the dash or windscreen using a dedicated suction cup.

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Download Speed Camera Database , It offers text- and voice-guided directions as well as music and video playback.




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