No retreat no surrender

Keith Strandberg interview: No Retreat No Surrender

no retreat no surrender

No Retreat No Surrender 2 aka Karate Tiger 2(1987) - Cynthia Rothrock, Loren Avedon

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If you were a kid in the s and you liked action movies, chances are you rented No Retreat No Surrender at some point. As a kid, this movie was everything to me. I had tears streaming down my face the first time I watched it, I was so invested in the final fight. Jason Stillwell was my hero. For a while there, whenever I was allowed back to the video library to choose a film, I just kept choosing No Retreat over and over again.

The film was released in the United States on May 2, Stillwell uses these lessons to defend his martial arts dojo against Soviet martial artist Ivan Kraschinsky Van Damme. The film was written by Keith W. Strandberg after being contracted by Ng See-yuen , the owner of Seasonal Film Corporation, to write a script for them, despite having never written a script beforehand. Van Damme was cast in the film and caused problems on the set for continually physically contacting other actors and stuntmen during the fight scenes even after director Yuen told him not to.

No Retreat, No Surrender is a American martial arts film directed by Corey Yuen in his American directorial debut, and starring Kurt McKinney and.
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No Retreat, No Surrender a. One night, the dojo is visited by members of an organized crime syndicate, who try to convince Jason's father to join them. When he refuses, he is attacked by the boss's thugs and ultimately has his leg broken by Ivan Kraschinsky, an intimidating Russian martial artist. The Stillwell family relocates to Seattle, but things don't get any easier for poor Jason, who repeatedly becomes the target of harassment by the local bullies. Fed up with the abuse, Jason visits the grave of Bruce Lee filmed at Lee's actual grave and beseeches him for aid. That very same night, the ghost of Bruce Lee appears to Jason and begins to train him. Under Lee's tutelage, Jason goes from a below average fighter to a superior martial artist.

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