Assassins creed brotherhood romulus treasure

Don't start Sequence 8 unless you want to be pushed to the ending

assassins creed brotherhood romulus treasure

The Lairs of Romulus were secret locations scattered throughout Rome, Ezio entering the shrine inside a Lair of Romulus one of the Scrolls of Romulus with an adjacent key to unlocking the treasure of . Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Store Page. Global Achievements. Even when you know there are nine sequences to the game, no one tells you that if you don't finish everything on the side before you start sequence EIGHT, you will never get to finish them.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has six platforming sections that take place in historical sites in Rome. I recommend that you complete all of these before you complete the main story. The simple reason being is that you will be awarded with the best armor in the game. There are flags within these locations, and I'd personally recommend not going for the flags if there is a full sync requirement that involves time. It'll be too difficult otherwise, and you will have to complete the memory for the flags to be saved. Full Sync Requirement: Do not lose more than three blocks of health. You'll find the entrance to the lair of Romulus inside the Colosseum.

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Many treasures are hidden in Romulus Lairs. Complete description of these areas can be found in other part of this guide. Here, we will tell you how to find some items that can be interesting for some merchants. Inside the last room [1] you will find some Buddhist Prayer Beads. It is good to examine the room, where you were fighting with many [2]. In the second room, where you will be attacked by some enemy soldiers [1] , there is a chest with Papaver Silvaticum. After few seconds of the chase, the man with use the "elevator" [1].

The Lairs of Romulus were secret locations scattered throughout Rome , most of which housed the Followers of Romulus. Each lair possessed a shrine dedicated to Romulus containing a variety of treasures. Each of the six lairs also contained a key and a scroll , which each held portions of a letter written by Marcus Junius Brutus. Obtaining all six keys allowed the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze to unlock the armor and the corresponding dagger of Brutus , the coveted treasures of the Followers. Ezio found this entrance soon after first encountering the Followers, who had ambushed him in the Baths of Trajan. Although the entrance was located there, the lair itself was found in Nero's Golden Palace. It was the first one visited by Ezio, and its entrance was located at a low point of the Baths, down a flight of stairs.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Sons of Romulus Lairs guide

Finding your way to the treasure at the end of each lair is reasonably easy, but can you do it like Ezio would have and achieve full synchronization? For the timed lair runs, a good tip to remember is to position the camera in the direction you intend to leap before making each jump. The trick to making this speed run is to simply remember where to start a few of the key platforming sections.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough

Starting Sequence 8 has the game pushing towards the ending. You can't decline missions and can't stray far from you mission location, I learned the hard way. You can still continue the game as ezio after the credits but usually for me, i lose interest once the credit rolls to pick up after. I'm totally collecting flags and trying to get all the capes and the extra Christina memories, this is the only "after credits" game that I still wanna keep playing regardless of achievements. Dude I totally got a suit that makes me look like Raiden, and one that looks like Desmond. And I'm assuming that the extra Christina memories will reveal how Ezio had kids.

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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - Romulus Lair - Wolves Among The Dead (Catacombe di Roma)




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