Zonin banca popolare di vicenza

Banca Popolare di Vicenza

zonin banca popolare di vicenza

Banca Popolare di Vicenza (BPVi) was an Italian bank and currently a winding- down company. Zonin remained as the chairman of the bank until , and stepped down after multiple scandal was exposed. In BPVi banking group.

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MILAN, Sept 29 Reuters - Prosecutors investigating alleged market violations at Banca Popolare di Vicenza said in a confidential search warrant that the bank misled regulators and investors about its financial soundness by lending money to customers to make them buy its own shares. In the case of Popolare di Vicenza, prosecutors allege that the lender breached the rules and also wrongfully included shares bought through the loans as core capital, so that its capital ratios appeared higher than they actually were. The probe also comes at a delicate junction for Popolare di Vicenza, which is preparing to tap investors for up to 1. Bank Chairman Gianni Zonin, two board members, former CEO Samuele Sorato and two other former top executives have been placed under investigation by Vicenza prosecutors for running foul of capital requirements, according to the warrant. The bank said it was fully cooperating with authorities. Asked about specific allegations that it lent money to clients so that they could buy its shares, a spokeswoman for the bank said she could not comment as the investigation was ongoing. The spokeswoman for the bank declined to comment about the people under investigation.

Category : Rassegna stampa. Gianni Zonin resigned as chairman of Banca Popolare di Vicenza, as the Italian bank was dogged by bad loans, thin capital and questions about the legality of some business practices. It never happened. Zonin resigned in November, his bank dogged by bad loans, thin capital and questions about the legality of some business practices. The bank, which had planned to open its 1,th branch this year, instead will close and is likely to be swallowed up by a stronger competitor. In a move to clean up the sector, Italy struck a deal with the European Commission late Tuesday that will help its banks bundle up their bad loans and sell them off via new securities with government guarantees.

Diplomato in enologia e laureato in giurisprudenza. Nel diventa presidente della Banca Popolare di Vicenza. Nel novembre in seguito a un'ispezione della Banca centrale europea abbandona l'incarico nella banca vicentina e indagato per aggiotaggio e ostacolo alla vigilanza con l'ex direttore generale Samuele Sorato e l'ex vice direttore Emanuele Giustini. Il 15 febbraio il giudice della udienza preliminare, Roberto Venditti, ha stabilito il sequestro conservativo di beni per milioni di euro donati da Zonin ai familiari dopo l'inizio dell'inchiesta. Il danno per i risparmiatori della banca a causa del calo di valore delle azioni, da 62,50 euro precipitate a 10 centesimi ha fatto perdere 6 miliardi di euro a Nel marzo il Tribunale di Vicenza ordina un ulteriore sequestro di beni di Zonin per 19 milioni di euro. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.





Italy bank Popolare Vicenza probed over loans-for-shares scheme





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    Above: the Zonin winery in Vicenza province, Italy.

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    Gianni Zonin (Gambellara, 15 gennaio ) e un imprenditore e banchiere italiano, con la societa di famiglia e il principale produttore di vino in Italia e dal al e stato presidente della Banca Popolare di Vicenza, finita poi nel crac.

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    The banking group along was the 15th-largest retail and corporate bank of Italy by total assets at 31 December , according to Mediobanca.

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